May 9, 2019

Outstanding Logistics Partner Award goes to QSea Specialty Services

Four QSea employees pose in the custom processing area of Bellingham Cold Storage

Left to right: QSea employees Debbie Matthews, Tom Scott, Omar DeLeon and Arleen Brooks.

Bellingham Cold Storage is excited to recognize seafood custom processing specialists QSea Specialty Services LLC with our Outstanding Logistics Partner Award. QSea recently achieved British Retail Consortium (BRC) certification in their value-added processing facility at BCS and joins us in our Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) commitment.

QSea’s BRC achievement enables more seafood companies to utilize Bellingham Cold Storage in the future.

QSea Specialty Services has been a custom seafood processor at BCS for more than 20 years. Tom Scott came from Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada, in the late 1990s because QSea was originally based upon roe production: kazunoko (herring) and ikura (salmon). Tom brought with him decades of caviar and other seafood knowledge. He immediately landed a large kazunoko contract from Canadian Fishing Company because that company’s president, Dan Nomura, had worked with Tom back since the 1970s. QSea soon attracted projects from American Canadian Fisheries, Ocean Beauty, Icy Strait, North Delta, Bornstein, Icicle, Trident, Palomino, Sleeping Giant, American Seafoods and many other leading seafood companies.

In addition to its BRC value-added building at Bellingham Cold Storage, QSea also leases a fresh fish house building and a caviar facility from BCS. Our customers tell us that Tom is recognized as an excellent caviar resource, and they seldom need to have technicians come from overseas when Tom is running their product.

QSea’s BRC value-added facility is managed by Debbie Matthews. Debbie was a long-time Icicle employee and was a QSea customer there for a number of years, shipping fresh salmon down from Alaska to be filleted, or running portioning programs at QSea throughout the year. Debbie worked in QSea’s value-added facility for many years when Icicle leased it from BCS. Debbie is well respected and has a loyal following of customers.

Armed with BRC certification and the growth of Coastal Transportation’s increased service into BCS, QSea is looking to grow its value-added services. The company has plans to add another processing and packaging line. QSea offers a wide range of custom processing services, from fresh butchering, filleting, portioning, vac packing and ikura to labeling, inspections and packing fishmeal.

Please contact Tom Scott at 360-815-7167 or Debbie Matthews at 360-201-7306 for any of your custom processing needs.

Congratulations to QSea Specialty Services for achieving your BRC certification and for more than 20 years as an Outstanding Logistics Partner at Bellingham Cold Storage.

Two men stand together in the QSea processing facilities at Bellingham Cold Storage.

Tom Scott, right, with Shimiku, a caviar technician who works for Nichirei Foods Japan.

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